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Transform your holiday décor with the Litenetics Magnetic 250′ C9 Green 15″ Spacing SPT1 Spool, designed to infuse your surroundings with festive charm. This specialized wiring solution is tailor-made for Christmas light installations, offering unparalleled convenience and versatility.

Crafted to evoke the spirit of the season, each spool contains 250 feet of vibrant green wiring, perfectly complementing the traditional hues of Christmas. The magnetic properties of the wiring facilitate effortless setup, allowing you to easily affix your lights to metallic surfaces without the need for cumbersome clips or fasteners.

With a spacing of 15 inches between each C9 bulb socket, this wiring ensures uniform and radiant illumination across your display. Whether adorning your roofline, outlining pathways, or enhancing your landscaping, the evenly distributed lights create a captivating visual spectacle that captures the essence of the holiday season.

The SPT1 specification guarantees the utmost safety and reliability, meeting stringent quality standards to provide peace of mind throughout the festive period. Engineered for outdoor use, this wiring solution withstands the rigors of winter weather, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of your Christmas lights.

Elevate your holiday décor and create cherished memories with the Litenetics Magnetic 250′ C9 Green 15″ Spacing SPT1 Spool. Effortless to install and exuding festive charm, it’s the perfect choice for bringing the magic of Christmas to life in your home or commercial space.


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